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During our Start-up workshop we were introduced to ‘Jeff’. Jeff had a few problems when it came to watching movies; he did not like to waste time trying to find the right movie to watch, he wanted to make watching movies a social event, and he likes to be surprised. We had 48 hours to come up with an Smartphone App to solve Jeff’s movie problem.


In our Business model we focused on several main problems such as, he wanted to watch movies to match his mood, he did not want to waste time choosing the movie, and he wanted to make watching movies social. Our group came up with the idea that Jeff  will go through a routine procedure and by doing this each time this allows the App to determine Jeff’s mood. Once the App knows the mood of Jeff then it will be able to make movie suggestions. First of all the App would need to know the ‘situation’ if he is alone or with company and where will he be watching the movie. Where Jeff will be watching the movie will determine long or short the movie should be. For example, if Jeff is on public transport the App will suggest shorter movies and perhaps less heavy in content. We came up with the idea that Jeff will rate a series of classic movies relating to each genre, therefore according to the results the App will then suggest movies. We wanted the App to have the function that enables Jeff to connect with others (his friends) who have the App. Once connected the App will suggest movies for the group to watch. There will be a ‘Surprise Me’ option where the App itself will suggest a random movie for Jeff to watch.

In Day 2 we designed our prototype and took it to the streets and tested it on people. We found that people didn’t like all the questions, that it took to long, and they did not like the the idea of being asked the same questions everyday but enjoyed rating the different movies from different genres.

This was our paper prototype for Movie-U App



Other groups in the Start-up workshop came up with innovative ideas and I would not be surprised if in a few years I will see one of those App ideas for sale.

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Lean Startup

Thanks to Eewei Chen, Design Director at BSkyB, I have experienced my first Lean Start-up workshop. I found the workshop interesting, entertaining and highly beneficial.  I was surprised that even with limited time, only two days, we all managed to come up with innovative ideas. It will be interesting to see if anyone takes the App ideas further and finally launches the final product to the public.

Overall, I thought it was a great induction to the Masters course ‘The Creative Economy’